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Team Members

Team Members

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Peter Kurtis
Managing Director & Solutions Architect

Peter is the cornerstone of BGP Group, having played a central role since the company was founded. With 20 years of IT experience and a track record of providing solutions across diverse industries, Peter exemplifies the intellectual foundation and dynamic leadership driving our operations forward.

Brent Quinn
Director & Technical Lead

Brent is a true legend in his own realm. Holding titles such as co-founder, and technical lead, he contributes the driving force behind our energy, ideas, and unwavering efficiency.

Helena Kurtis
Customer Success Manager

Helena offers extensive corporate industry experience spanning 13 years in customer care management and the development of Enterprise and SME customer accounts.

Alex Xu
Service Desk & Onsite Engineer | Sydney

Alex has matured into a seasoned IT professional with extensive expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the intricate nuances of the ever-evolving IT landscape.

George Kalaitzakis
Service Desk & Onsite Engineer | Melbourne

George has joined BGP Group to support our Melbourne Sector with a passion in technology and help customers with their IT needs, with his proactive spirit and patience.

Gina Lou Tare
Support Engineer & Triage

Gina is more than just a Service Desk Engineer – she's the triage specialist at BGP Group. Her vibrant personality comes across in every phone call and email, and her approach and remarkable patience make her an invaluable asset to our team.