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When engaging with numerous CIOs, a recurring question is, “Is it too late to transition to the cloud?” The answer is a resounding “no,” particularly considering how we witnessed companies swiftly shifting their entire workforce to remote operations practically overnight. This rapid transformation was largely facilitated by the cloud’s capabilities, including its delivery model and crucial data insights that enabled timely and critical decision-making.

There are several angles to consider when building the business case, but a key question to ask is, “What will happen to my on-premise expenses if I opt not to migrate to the cloud?” It involves grasping the full cost of ownership, encompassing present operational expenses. This includes electricity and resource costs, anticipating expenditures for the next hardware update, and identifying other necessary services to sustain operations.

Businesses should not solely view the cloud through the lens of cost savings. For instance, implementing Workday offers a broader range of benefits in terms of defining business value.